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EZ-Naut is constructed using double braided nylon rope and comes in 3 sizes:

  • 1/4" rope for kayaks, canoes and smaller boats up to 12' in length.  It has a 150 lb weight limit 
  • 3/8" rope for pontoons, tri-toons and midsized boats up to 24' in length.  It has a 250 lb weight limit
  • 1/2" rope for cabin cruisers, house boats, and larger vessels up to 36' in length.  It has a 500 lb weight limit 

Most common lengths are 5' and 10', depending upon your needs.

  • Two 5' EZ-Nauts (one fore and one aft) can be used on most pontoons, tri-toons, deck boats and house boats
  • A 5' EZ-Naut (aft) and a 10' EZ-Naut (bow) are usually used for V-nosed vessels

If ordering the EZ-Naut by itself, you will receive the lengths requested.  If you order the bag, it will hold up to 4 - 1/2" X 10' EZ-Nauts, plus attachments.

NOTE:  All items must be purchased separately.

(Standard color is white - must select another color, if needed)

Order yours today!

1/4" X 5' Rope
From $39.08
1/4" X 10' Rope
From $42.83
1/4" x 5' + 10'
From $79.18
3/8" X 5' Rope
From $50.78
3/8" X 10' Rope
From $55.28
3/8" x 5' + 10'
From $102.53
1/2" X 5' Rope
From $65.10
1/2" X 10' Rope
From $71.85
1/2" x 5' + 10'
From $132.39
From $1.15
From $1.35

NOTE:  Custom lengths are available, by request.  Please email or call with your requests.

For example: One person requested a 45' x 1/2" EZ-Naut to go from the rear of his Baja to a sand anchor on the beach to keep it from moving with the current and to give his kids a "safe play triangular area".  

*Any order placed with Credit Card will incur a 3% transaction fee.  Shipping is available via FedEx and will incur S/H charges.  The total of your invoice will not reflect either charge.

home port of the EZ-Naut dock line system

202 Union Street | Sumner, IA  50674

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