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Ruthless... Home port of the EZ-Naut deck line system

The Ruthless EZ-Naut is the brainchild of William Ruth - conceived to keep things simple and easy when tying your boat, no matter its size.   William is an avid boater himself and saw the need for a better solution for boaters.   

The idea for EZ-Naut was created because it's common knowledge that not everyone is a "Seafaring Captain" with excellent boat docking skills.  Even if you're a former Boy/Girl Scout that has their knot tying badge - tying off a boat can run into its own set of challenges when securing your boat. 

The EZ-Naut was designed to give boaters (old and new) confidence knowing that their vessel is tied off correctly, whether to the dock, another boat, shore anchor or whatever you have available to tie off on.  The EZ-Naut gives you peace of mind knowing your boat is secure. 

The rope ratchet design lets you adjust your boat in the slip without having to tie, untie and retie.  As an additional bonus, your boat is never "free floating" if you're doing it by yourself!  With the different attachments (loop, S-hook, carabiner or clip), you can tie off to just about anything.

With the EZ-Naut, just pull the rope to shorten it or push the switch mechanism to release the rope... it's so simple that even your youngest deckhand can do it!

Please take some time to explore the website to see which option of the EZ-Naut fits your needs.  Visit our EZ-Naut Information page to see what it's all about!  If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.  

home port of the EZ-Naut dock line system

202 Union Street | Sumner, IA  50674

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